01 April 2009

Still in Delhi

So, our return home did not turn out the way I had hoped. I was hoping that I would be comfortably at home right now, clean after a warm shower and in my PJs. BUT we missed our flight! 
Let me back up a bit...
We arrived safely to Delhi on Monday, happy to have ended our last train ride. When we called our hosts at the Delhi B&B, they informed us that a water pipe at burst and they weren't taking guests, but that Pervez had made arrangements for us at a place in the neighborhood.
So we made our way over to another B&B called Anika's Nest. Our hosts were Kumar and Anika. They are a wealthy Indian couple just starting to rent rooms. They were very excited to have us. Kumar was more than hospitable...he planned our itinerary for the two days we would be there: told us where to eat, what to eat there.  He was very helpful in organizing the things we wanted to do in the most efficient way from the location of the house. And he made sure to call us several times a day to make sure that we were finding our way alright and enjoying his suggestions (*a hint of sarcasm*). He ordered his servants to bring us drinks and snacks and told us that his home was our second home. His kindness was appreciated but a little intrusive times.
Last night he said, with a loud, jolly, Indian accent, "Michael (Riley introduces himself as Michael now because Indians don't grasp the name Riley very well.)! You are not to eat out tonight! You are going to eat dinner here and it is on the house!! (He was very excited)
Before dinner he invited us into the living room for snacks and Nimbooz (a new lemon drink that came out in India recently). He fed us plate after plate of bit sized tandoor chicken, fried fish, fried chicken, grilled mutton, and some veggie items too. We were stuffed and were happy, thinking that this was dinner and we could soon go back to our room and finish packing for our flight home in the morning. But, no. 
Then we had a big in Indian dinner with about 8 different selections of curry's, dal's, and veggies. Plus, chapati and rice. We were stuffed. 
Well, the next morning all that meat and food caught up with us and we woke up feeling ill. Riley and I both had to skip breakfast (Kumar was planning another shmorgus borg) and did not get our bags packed on time. We rushed out the door later than we had planned and took a taxi to the airport. In short, customs was hell and I had a long run around trying to get some rupees changed to UD dollars after going through security (it is illegal to take them out of the country, but they made it impossible for me to exchange them). After a lot of Indian bureaucracy red tape. I got my rupees exchanged and we had missed our flight.
We are back at the B&B and have a flight tomorrow.


I couldn't resist...even if I am a day late.
Most of that was true, but we weren't late for our flight and made it home safely.
Got back a few hours ago and everything seems to be in order.
We are so happy to be home. 

India took us to the limits of ourselves and showed us what strong and capable people we are.
We are grateful for all of it.
Thank you to all of you who have supported us through our journey. Your comments and emails gave us energy and encouragement. Thank you.

I will put up photos soon.
Love to you all and we hope to see you soon!
Karen and Riley 


  1. Karen.... I am glad you are home and happy, and had a wonderful exciting journey. I am bummed we missed eachother, but we will meet again! Much love to you!

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