30 January 2009

Last Day in the States

Had a busy day:
  We got up early to quickly meet up with my friend and former roommate, Kimber.
  Drove to Seattle for Stephanie to go to the dentist, we had an awesome lunch at the Greek restaurant Kimber works at on Capital Hill, dropped Stephanie off at baby playtime, and then killed an hour driving through Queen Anne and ended up at Magnolia Park with a fabulous view of Seattle and the Sound.
  Riley, Mackenzie, and I napped on the way home, picked up Dan, and went to visit my cousin Maryanne for dinner.
  We will be calling it an early night and will spend tomorrow preparing to travel on our last day in the states.  We fly back to SFO for a few hours and will meet up with my sister, Julye, and her partner Jennie, for a bite and then fly out around midnight.  phew.
  Yes.  We are excited.  I am eager to start experiencing all that we have been talking about and preparing for over the past several months.
  I believe my next post will be from Delhi, Rajasthan, India!!!!  

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  1. You know the term "partner" cracks me up. :)