28 January 2009

Starting Out

We left San Francisco this morning at 9.30 to head to Seattle to visit my twin brother and to meet my adorable niece Mackenzie. All is good so far except for almost getting arrested by the Feds. I'll explain later...


  1. Hello Karen,

    I take care of Mackenzie from time to time. I love the photo of the two of you! I found out about Your blog to India via Stephanie's blog. Is it a vacation trip for you? India is dear to my heart and so I'd like to track your journey.

    Federal Way, WA.

  2. Riley and Karen,
    Great first day story! Thanks for the great blog so that we can track your journey.
    Be well,
    Leah and Mike

  3. HAHAHA! Karen you f*n terrorist. Stop trying to take down the free world. Love the blog! tell Dan I say Hi and give Mackenzie a kiss for me. LOVE YOU!! HI Riley! xoxo