07 February 2009

Quick Update

Hi again! We have been in Jaipur for the past 3 days. We are staying with our first couch surfing host, Rama, and his wonderful family. He lives with his 2 brothers, their wives and children, his parents, his wife, and 2 kids. We have a private room in his house on the rooftop. We think its amazing. It is a typical middle class family, I think. They are our new Indian family and remind us of this often. They are very disappointed that we are not staying longer and even advised us of how to cancel our train tickets and hotel in Udaipur. I hate to disappoint them, but this city it too big for us, I think.
We are learning a lot about Indian values and practices. Today, we learned that Indians don't have a word for privacy, so the family comes and goes into our room as they please. =) But its okay. I have many stories to share about this town. It is much crazier than Delhi, but we are making our way, with the help of the family auto rickshaw (tuk tuk) driver.
We leave on a 10pm train for Udaipur tonight...an over night...so we get to do our best at sleeping on the train!
I hope to have more time to write in more detail about Jaipur when we get to Udaipur, but now I am using Rama's computer in his jewellry shop, so I don't want to take too much time.
Also, a correction from a former post:
Delhi is not in the state of Rajasthan, as I said, it is its own territory...like Washington DC, it is the capital of India.

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