28 February 2009

We HATE Mosquitos

I am writing from Fort Cochin, Kerala. We arrived 2 days ago at the Ernakulum train station and took a 20 minute ferry ride to the island of Fort Cochin. It is a laid back town, mostly thrives on tourism, with some fishing industry as well. The architechture is all Dutch influenced, so it is very quaint and cozy.
We are staying at a homestay. Our hosts live on the bottom floor and rent out a few rooms upstairs. This is very common in this town, and Kerala, in general.
We have been taking it easy and planning our next moves for Kerala.
Yesterday we went to a Kathakali performance. It is a traditional dance/drama style for Kerala, with elaborate make-up and costumes. The stories are conveyed with facial expressions and hand sign language. We didn't really know what was going on, but it was interesting to watch.
This morning, we met with some Couch Surfing hosts, who were booked with another surfer for our time here, but wanted to get together. We had breakfast with them (Mr. Q and Priya) and their couch surfer, Kay (a middle aged Canadian lady from Greece). We had a great time. It is amazing how, through CS, you feel automatically connected to total strangers who have got your back.
We rode with them to Ernakulum to go shopping for Kay and for me to look for something to wear in the change to hot, humid weather. I don't know how these Indian ladies do it with their layers of clothes and not a bead of sweat!
Mr. Q helped us with the details of our further travels in Kerala and dropped us off at the ferry to head back to Fort Cohin.
Tomorrow we will take a 7 hour bus South East, to Kumily, where we will go check out the Periyar Wildlife Preserve. I want to see elephants (although we have seen many) and Riley wants to see a tiger...although, the chances are slim.
Hope all is well back home!
Love you all.

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  1. Tigers? Elephants? Sounds amazing...Karen, make sure Riley doesn't get too curious and end up like this guy:


    We all know how Riley is about taunting wild animals.

    PS The food sounds incredible. I'm jealous and wish we had that kind of variety @ home. :/